Our class trip was very good. On Monday afternoon we ate our lunch in the youth hostel  and we went on a city tour.It was very interesting, but the city tour was long. After the tour we went to the youth hostel. The youth hostel was very nice and big. It had a beautiful roof terrace. We went to our room and made our bed. Later we ate pasta for dinner all together. After dinner we played games in small groups. The next day we had breakfast at 7.30 am. After breakfast we had time to get ready. At 9 o’clock we went to the football stadium on Bremen.

After visiting the stadium, we took the train to the “Universe“. It was very interesting. In the evening we went back to the youth hostel by train. After dinner (pasta again) some of our class went to the supermarket and bought some sweets for us. At 10pm we went to sleep. The next morning, we got up early and ate our breakfast together. After breaktfast we went to the climate house in Bremerhaven. There were: Germany, Switzerland, a desert and Antarctika. It was very interesting. After visiting the climate house we went to the shopping centre next to the climate house. There we had time to go shopping in small groups. We went to Burger King and lots of other shops. It was great. We took the train and went to the youth hostel. The dinner was yummy because the desert was ice-cream. At 10pm we went to sleep. The next day we had breakfast and did a boat-trip. I took 1 hour. It was very windy but sunny too. Later we ate lunch in the youth hostel. It was our last lunch in the youth hostel. We had the whole afternoon free for ourselves and we went shopping in the city. Finally we went back to the youth hostel and we packed our luggage. In the evening we had a party. On Friday was our last day in Bremen. It was great and funny!


by Tharniga, 6c

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